It's the thing that's been helping me create             along the way.


The truth is... this all started with my mom's iPhone in 2007. My parents were just beginning to separate, so photography gave me an outlet to feel truly happy, inspired, passionate, and busy. Despite all the chaos in their lives, they always encouraged me to pursue whatever I wanted. Photography is not just a job for me. 

Fun facts: 
  • I used to make memes in junior high. 
  • I did the Bachelor degree thing in Santa Cruz. 
  • I waited 10 years to get a real camera. 
  • My first DSLR ever was stolen in a Seattle, Washington parking lot.
  • I've also attended a prestigious school named Youtube University.
  • My truest, secret passion is writing lyrics and making music.
  • I've owned 4 and a half Doberman Pinschers total. 
  • I have a sweet tooth... x 32. 

what's in this for you?

We all love our share of simple, traditional portraits. So don't worry! You'll get those! But just like with any other art medium, this is a space where we get to stretch the boundaries of traditional photography. 

Here, we don't just capture moments; we create art together. 
So prepare to embark on a journey of experimentation and exploration. 

Through unconventional angles and perspectives, together we'll enter the world of abstract artistry. 

unleashing your true beauty

real moments


gorgeous florals

"It's more about like telling a story now, for myself, for things that are in my head and, healing my own kind of like trauma and everything, by... photographing people. 
Are you turning up for a job? Or are you turning up because this is a really deep, soulful expression of yourself? 
...It's multi-layered. It's not one-dimensional." 

-Lauren Phillips

GNFIC'S Philosophy

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I take it you don't want to be documented, you want to create something. 

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